Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Foga class


Tonight was the last fertility yoga (or Foga, as I've started thinking about it as) class of the series I had signed up for.  It was really nice.  I was pretty close to skipping, since it actually wasn't going to be yoga at all, it was let's-talk-about-our-feelings night - but in the end, I'm so glad I went.

This was the first time all six of us (missed you Butterfly!) went out after class - and I swear, that's the best part.  It was really nice to connect with everyone one last time - and there is an IUI and and two IVFs coming up for ladies in the group soon, I have my fingers crossed!

Everyone's story is so different, it's really amazing to see all of these beautiful women coming together, each with our own challenges and path.  Who knows, maybe we'll even have a "class reunion" in a few months - that would be great!  :)

As for me, it's been an uneventful week.  I think I am seeing a very faint LH surge, so let's get ready to ruuuummmmbbblllle!  And although I've been complaining about CM for the last few days, just maybe it is looking ok now, tonight.  This morning I checked - no good.  Creamy at best.  But I think I (TMI) saw some good Egg Whites on the toilet paper this evening.

Maybe the royal jelly is helping after all?  Let me tell you - it tastes AWFUL.  But it costs like a million dollars, I don't want to waste it, so I have to lick the spoon.  Blech.

On the other plus side is that DH has started with man fertility shakes.  I put lots of black Maca in them for him.

Also, I think I may try to be super open about our IF with my new choir buddies.  One of the ladies is a MIDWIFE.  I picture in my head her asking if we have children, and me saying casually, "Oh, no, we're IF right now.", or "I wish!".  We'll see if I'm brave enough when the time comes.  I'm past the shame-point about it, so... there's really no reason not to tell.  Better to increase awareness... but still, I suppose we'll see.

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