Sunday, May 29, 2011

Of Grandfathers and cousins

DH's cousin is here for the weekend - the one that is also IF.  It's nice to be able to openly talk about IF with some of the family.  They haven't started their first IVF yet, they still have greencard paperwork to go through in the States.  But she totally gets how I feel.  Is good.  :)

We went for Karaoke yesterday afternoon - pretty darn fun!  They all sang Chinese songs mostly, but it was still neat.  Then the wedding meal for the cousin, since the Grandma couldn't go to Taiwan for the wedding.

We're going out to DH's Grandpa's grave today.  DH is sort of abashed I haven't 'met' his Grandfather yet.  Speaking of Grandfathers... my step-mom's father died yesterday.  It seems no one is really super surprised, he's been heading downhill that last few years.  But I am surprised they don't want me to fly out to BC or Calgary for the funeral!  We flew my step-sis in for my Grandma's funeral, I thought it was really nice she was there.  But, to each their own.  Obvi I won't go if they don't want to make a big deal out of it.  At least I'll try to call her today.  We've been sort of drifting apart... I'm kind of too lame for her, as I like going to sleep early, and I don't like casino gambling...  but whatev.

But first things first today  - waffle party.  Buckwheat waffles for me, yo!  (With Sheep Ice Cream!  What!)

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