Monday, May 9, 2011

Surgery tomorrow!

So I had my Mother's Day wanding - everything looks ok.  Good and all, but I think my issues come with low progesterone, late in the cycle.  I mentioned that during the wanding.  My first blood test with them (before this cycle CD1) they even mentioned low progesterone, it is not totally all in my head.

Then I had a confusing conversation with the wander - she was like - "Come back on Sunday for your next blood test.", and I was all like, "But that will be too late to see my low progesterone.  I will have my period by then." and then she was all like, "How about Friday?", and I was like "ah... ok.. but that's a bit late..?"

And then she called me after the results were in, and said Sunday, to come in for pregnancy test, if I don't have AF by then.  Alas, I was out for lunch with my Mom, and I was sort of stuck at the table - I should have made an effort to get up and walk away and talk to the lady more.  Hindsight.

Why don't they care about my hormone levels between CD22 and AF?  A pg test is a total waste of time.  It sort of pisses me off.  AF will get here when she gets here.  And if she's late (which she rarely is more than 1 day late), I can POAS, then go in if some magic occurs.

So ladies, my question is this - is that normal they don't care?  WHY don't they care?  Is it statistically unlikely to have anything bad happen between CD22 and CD26 (when AF usually comes)?  I would have thought you'd see my progesterone nice and high now (boobs are sore), but somewhere a day or so before spotting starts they'll stop hurting and spotting will start and AF will come.  THAT is where my cycle breaks down, the rest of it is ok.  Or is that just happening because there was nothing to implant because we're MF?

This sort of kept me up last night, as silly as it sounds.

DH's surgery tomorrow!  I am working from home so I can take care of him.  Hope it goes well!  I was also kept up wondering if we're doing the right thing - there was only one bad test.  What if the lab did something wrong!?  Augh!  Well, too late now.  He's got to be there at 6:30am tomorrow.


  1. The surgery can only help, right? (Hopefully!)
    All the best to DH!

  2. Well... no. It is quite possible the surgery will result in "no change" - but delay us three months, since it takes that long to start up again. Still, as gambles go, odds are reasonable that within a year there may be some improvement.

  3. I'm beating the Napro drum again, but I get my progesterone and estrogen levels checked seven days after ovulation. Blood draws can change month to month depending on when I ovulate. Argh, conventional fertility medicine frustrates me!

    I'll keep your dh in my prayers tomorrow!

  4. I Agree with you JellyBelly, conventional fertility medicine frustrates me as well!

    CS-Wish your DH the best and a quick recovery! I am sure he wll be well taken of by you!

  5. sorry, i meant "well taken care of by you" gosh, i can't type!


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