Sunday, May 1, 2011

LH is 48

What on earth does that mean?   Well... Doctor Google didn't really help me out too much on this one.  Seems a little high, but generally ok.  The nurse seemed pleased when she called.

My CM was pretty crappy this month.  That is disappointing.  Was it all the goat milk/cheese?  I can't think of anything else really bad or less-optimal I've done - nary a drop of vino has passed my lips.   Although I've had soy sauce a bunch of times, in general I've barely had any gluten - although I suppose that is supposed to take like 60 days to matter.  And I've been pretty good about exercise - although one can always exercise more (if you're me anyway, and tend towards lazy).

Next month we'll be in recovery mode for DH, so we'll be taking it 'off', I'm assuming (back to a glass of vino now and then!).  So maybe month after that I should buy some Ferti.leCM or some Royal Jelly? 

Anyone have experience with Fer.tileCM?  Have you actually taken it?  Did it improve CM?

Today is rather gray out, and I'm very blaah.......


  1. I don't know what the 48 means, but I have tried Fe.tile C.M. It didn't help me much, but it did upset my stomach a lot. I quit half way through because my tummy was so upset. Let me know if you want the 1/2 bottle I still have. I can mail it to you and you can save a few bucks...if you want.

  2. I have no idea what your LH level means, sorry! It's one of the things that hasn't gone wrong in my body!

    I've never tried Ferti.le CM, but I was on B6 for a little while, so I had to stop because I had EVERY SINGLE weird side effect (like hot hands and feet!). My doctor put me on Guafenesin before my first surgery, but then I stopped taking it since I was put on L.upron and I wasn't fertile anyway.

    I am so sick of this weather!!! I put away a bunch of winter stuff in hopes that it would encourage spring. I'm so done with gray skies and rain!

  3. I got pregnant while using FertileCM...not sure if it was the reason. I did miscarry...but I just ordered another batch to try and see of it works again! I say...go for it!! It is about 20 dollars a bottle...compared to other fertility drugs..that is cheap!!

  4. LH high...could it be a hormonal imbalance?

    I never tried F CM. I am gonna try it next cycle though. I hope I do not get any weird side effects!

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  6. Ooops! Accidentally posted my last comment before finishing it...what I said was that I think the LH number matters only on certain cycle days - was that 48 on CD3? Also, I haven't heard of F CM, but I've heard that Pre-Seed is good (and recommended by a naturopath I saw once). Finally, I think that CM is influenced by overall, cumulative health resulting from lots of sleep, water, greens, reduced stress, etc., but one-off indulgences in soy sauce or a glass of wine or cheese or whatever won't impact it. So don't beat yourself up over any of these things! :-)


  7. oh, sorry, of course, you need some context - that is LH at 48 on CD15. CD3 would be bad.

    But cumulatively, I AM doing all of those things...I think...and my CM was better in the last few months than this month. Tres mysterious!

    Thanks for the FCM tips ladies!


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