Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Gosh, sure am suprised to see you - NOT!"

"That was a bit obnoxious, my dear."

"Well... truth be told.... despite my boobies becoming less sore, I was sorta wondering..."


"Well - IF maybe you weren't coming.  Holding off on any warning of your visit until CD27 is so unlike you - "

"Yes, I got caught up with Aunt Flo duties elsewhere.  Can't be helped sometimes!"

"And I did get a tiny metallic taste in my mouth now and then... and on CD26, I felt nauseous at work in the afternoon."

"That was the chicken salad you had for lunch."

"Yes, it would seem so now Captain Obvious.  But all of those together..."

"Ah, I'm just f$ckin' with ya, CS!  I love visiting!  Wouldn't miss it for the world!"


  1. Aren't relatives the most annoying visitor? Aunt Flo is the worst of them all.

  2. I always want to write such a funny response to your CD1 posts...b/c you crack me up! But, I know how devastating it is..I am sorry- she really is such a b#$ch!


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