Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Marvelous Midwife


In a small-world event, it turns out a lady in my new Church choir is the backup midwife for Tishi.  Neat, right?

So I thought - this is my chance.  This is a new group of people in my life (our new Church family, so to speak), I want to start things off with this IF stuff out in the open.  I had practised saying "No, we're infertile right now" if anyone asked if we had children - but it didn't really come up.  And that's sort of a way too personal way to answer that question, anyway.  (Like if you ask someone how they're doing and they say "It burns when I pee." - you're then like, "Ok.  Um... that's too bad?")

So at the Church picnic, I had pictured in my head saying to the Marvelous Midwife "Oh, I know Tishi, who is due in August", and she would ask me how I knew her, and I would say "Tishi runs the infertility group I go to" very calmly.  I didn't quite pull it off super calmly, but it went ok.  Only a bit teary.  And here I am thinking I'm doing so well with all of this!  I still can't tell a nice lady about IF without tearing up a little.

Later at the picnic we talked about it a little more - it felt good.  She seemed to be very emphatic about it, which was nice.   :)  And maybe IF we can ever catch, she could be my midwife!!!  (Which is so cool, it is I think hard to get a midwife here, hopefully it will help to have an 'in' - and Tishi tells me her clinic is very good!). 

And away I go putting the cart before the horse while I'm counting my chickens!  ;P


  1. I'm so glad that you connected with her! It always amazes me how small the world is!

    Great seeing you yesterday!

  2. missed you girls on saturday! how was the meetup??? i will try my best to make it out for our next one!
    yeah, what a small world,, yeah i feel ya! i still tear up too when i share about my IF stuff. it ain't easy!


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