Monday, June 13, 2011

TALK about making a baby with ease!

Re-reading this, it struck me I should clarify something at the outset:  I am lucky enough to have 17 cousins.  The word 'cousin' below refers to a different person every time.


So when I was home this weekend, it really struck me how easy it seems to be for the rest of my family to procreate (excepting the cousin's finace with endo - we'll see how they roll after they get married).

My dear cousin related this hilarious <roll eyes> story to me - how when the doctors told them getting her tubes tied was only 99% certain to avoid pregnancy, her husband said - "Doc, please - you've got to make it 100%, my wife will kill me if we get pregnant again!".  <insert laughs>

She's not being mean or anything, she doesn't know of my IF.  And I can now see - wouldn't relate.  She does have 4 children (with a miscarriage or two along the way), it is perfectly reasonable to no longer want additional children.  But it seems so.. like, she's only 3 years older than me, and she's DONE have kids.  Here I am, wishing my way to begin - and she's been someone's Mom for 18 years already!

And some friend of my other cousin actually did get pg after she'd had her tubes tied.  Like - WTIF.  Are you people for real?

And don't get my started on my cousin's baby mamma who smokes and bragged about drinking 2L of pop every day.  For some reason drinking so much pop bothers me more than her occasional cigarette - I am too obsessed by nutrition, one can see.  ("I don't really care how much sugar there is."  "It's not sugar it's high fructose corn syrup."  "Oh.  Well, I don't care.")

So apparently to get pg one should travel to Windsor, Ontario, and drink the water (or forgo water and drink pop).  Hrmm... maybe it is all the Vernor's, a semi-local brand of pop.  Wikipedia says you can buy it other places, but I've never seen/heard of anyone actually drink it anywhere else.


  1. Its always the pop drinking smokers that get pregnant whenever they want (or don't want) It makes me crazy. SO does having lots and lots of procreating cousins......arg. For a while I thought I was going to have to move back to the east coast and start drinking to get things moving. I don't know why the world works this way, its certainly NOT FAIR!!

  2. My FIL buys Vernors and I think it's gross!!!

    Perhaps a road trip is in order? Windsor is quite nice at this time of year! ;)

  3. Yeah, it is gross, but you gotta do what you gotta do. ;)

  4. I know a few people who procreate with no problemo.."sigh" one of them smokes too & drinks lots of cappucinos/coffee prior to does that work?

  5. Does the pop (or soda if you will) really bother you more than the smoking? I avoid pop like it's the flu, but I avoid smoking like the plague...


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