Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Serious GF screwup! D'Oh!

So I am a total dumkopf!
I've been trying to go gluten free for the last couple of months, to see if it makes me feel better or what.


Rye has gluten in it.  I've been eating Ryvita like it's going out of style.  I thought something that taste so 'healthy'  (aka, not that good) certainly must be good for you!  WTIF!

I thought I remembered that Rye didn't have gluten, so I didn't look it up.  M'I bad. 

So... I guess I sort of have to start again.  And cross off all those "GF check"s in my daily IF diary (yes, although I stopped logging temp, I still keep a record of other signs and days).  Geez.  I am getting a bit tired of gluten free... I cheated on Saturday, because I was out eating Taramosalata (yum!) at a Greek restaurant, and it came with pita, and I was feeling very hungry and feeling naughtly....


  1. Well, if it wasn't making you feel sick....

    Sometimes you just have to live a little, right? ;)

  2. mmmmmmmmm greek food :) I think the rye should be lower on the amount of gluten? I don't really knwo, but like Jelly Belly said maybe its not enough to really have an impact. What will you eat instead for bread? I know your able to mill your own flower, maybe baking bread? do you have a bread maker?


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