Thursday, June 2, 2011


Yes, you heard me.  Mittelschmerz.  I didn't use to have it, but now I do.  Pain on both sides.  For 1+ days.  This month it was quite uncomfortable.  I think I've had it for the last few months?  It really clicked when the ultrasound tech at Dr A's was like - "Oh, in a few days you'll feel the pain from the follicles bursting", I was dubious - but then - she was right!

What's the deal?

Is this a good sign or a bad sign or not a sign at all?  (The fact that me feeling it has seemingly changed.)


It is CD19 now, it's boob hurtin' time now....  before acupuncture/herbs I never had any of these symptoms, I'm pretty sure.  I would like to think they're a good sign... particularly since I did do a closely monitored cycle and all was well...and that was with boob hurtin' and mittelschmerzin'.


  1. I can relate! I never had this pain (well did in my 20s off and on)..but I have had it since february I think. I started accupuncture then, but I also got surgery. Who knows...I like to know when I am about to "pop"...but this cycle was misleading...I got the popping! Dam LUF! I think its a good sign still.......

  2. The pain with no pop? Poor St Rita! Well... I like your take that my change in perception is a 'good sign'! :)

  3. I hope its a good sign too!!!

  4. I have had it since starting HCG and I don't like it. If you google it,it is pretty inconclusive. Hope it is a good sign.


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