Sunday, April 22, 2012

Endo meal plan for this week

Hello Ladies!

My Kombucha was going so well I decided to start batch number 2 tonight!  W00t!  This time I made jasmine tea with black rock sugar.  Let's keep our fingers crossed!

I drank a half glass of my own Kombucha today.  I mixed it with apple juice.  Um... it was like drinking vinegar mixed with apple juice.  Hahahah.  Ok!  We try again, with maybe a little less fermenting.  :)  I put up two bottles, each with more sweetness to further bottle ferment.  One I added the last of the apple juice, and the other one raisins and a bit of white grape juice.  I am planning on leaving them on the counter 1-2 days to get fizzy.

Last night we played "Guess who's coming to dinner?" with DH's sports team.  It was pretty fun.  As guests, we just had an address to go to.  The host only knows how many people are coming, not who is coming!  Well, DH organized, so he actually did know who's house we were going to, but the concept still holds.  :)  I ate a smidge of non-endo foods.... but again, what can you do.  I didn't have desert (cream puffs), so that is ok.  I even had a wee glass of wine. Shhh.  Good chance for me to get to know a few people from his new team.  And the hostess was an architect, that is cool, I liked her a lot.

We have Guess Who's Coming to Dinner with church coming up in a few weeks, which is how we got the idea.  I'm really looking forward to that!

With further ado, this week in endometriosis friendly cookery:

Sun:  We ate at DH's parents.  Chicken curry.  Rice noodles.  Chicken wasn't fancy or organic... but what can you do.

Mon:  Golden Mushroom Pot + br rice..  This would normally have tofu, but we'll put some wild fish.  It will have mushrooms (three kinds), napa (again with the cabbage to help with estrogen), bean thread noodles and garlic as well.  Yum!  This is all about DH, it is a specialty of his.

Tue:  I will just eat some frozen food.  The freezer is full of yummy frozen leftovers, and DH has practise, so.... an easy night it is.

Wed:  Cashew chicken + br rice.  This will be fancy organic local chicken, and raw cashews.

Thurs:  My version of heuvos rancheros, in which I poach eggs in my favourite all time jar salsa, Herdez Salsa Verde.  Goal is to make it with some sort of veg refried beans that I make (recipes?).  I am skipping choir this Thursday because we are out of town next weekend, and our normal choir director is out of town so we have a sub (I MISS our choir director!  She is amazing!), and we won't be practising music except for the upcoming Sunday.

Fri:  We are taking the day off work and leaving bright and early (6am?!) for my hometown (3-4 hour drive) to visit my Dad!  Fun!  We'll bring breakfast with us and eat on the road.  Hard boiled (organic free range) eggs anyone?!


  1. I am beyond excited about your kombucha!!!! I am also so grateful that you started the experiment, I wasn't so brave to be first.

    The menu sounds great. Just remember that you're allowed to cheat a bit. We can't be so strict with ourselves that it drives us crazy. :)

    1. Yes, I am so excited too! I am growing your Kombucha baby now! :)
      Thanks - yes, I think a little cheating is inevitable.... better to not stress about it, I am thinking! :)

  2. Wow, sounds so great! I'm going to take lessons from you :-)


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