Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thankful on this Maundy Thursday

Sorry, this post turned a bit long and ramble-y....

My week has been going pretty well.  I thought I was doing amazingly, went for coffee on Wednesday with a friend, and felt sore since then, so I'm taking it easier than I had planned today.  This starts me worrying a little how work is going to go, since it is 8+ hours of just sitting, but we'll see (I can always leave early the first few days).  The pain isn't that bad, it just makes me worry I ought to be resting and not pushing through it.  How do you know if you're not healing well, but forming adhesions?

All week I have just been feeling so thankful.  The surgery went well - he got rid of the endo.  And as silly as it sounds, I'm almost glad I have endo - at least there is a name for what was going wrong, it isn't so mysterious, there are things to do to hopefully prevent it from returning.  But not only that - I am very thankful the surgery caused us no financial burden as well.  I am receiving full pay and the surgery is free - no paperwork to do even.  I feel very well looked after!  Prayer buddy, please pray that was the last hurdle we have to jump!  I know in many cases a lap isn't the answer, and in many cases it is.  Who knows?

I have really enjoyed the luxury of staying home and doing nothing but recovering.  Going back to work on Monday is a looming cloud on my horizon - I thought maybe I would become bored and miss work.  Nope.  I love love love being at home.  Maybe I wouldn't love it in a month, but for now it is SO RELAXING.  All I really have to do is make dinner.  Mr CS has been getting some fancy salads along with dinner because I have so much time, which is nice.

I've even started to enjoy watching silly TV shows like L.IVE with Kelly (she's just so chipper!) and (shhh, don't tell, dirty secret) Rachel R.ay (I think she's none too clever and cooks horrendously unhealthy food while often calling it healthy, but it's like a train wreck I can't look away).  I could really get into housewifery.  :)  Alas, it is not to be at this time.

I learned a new word today - Triduum.  (I love religious words that I previously did not know.)  I am only recently returned to the church as an adult, so there is much to learn.  I am planning on going to a committee meeting at church tonight (with potentially a tour of the roof!), but sadly I don't know if I will be able to handle the Maundy Thursday service as well, and I think choir practise after is out.  Too much sitting seems to make me sore later.  This is only the third committee meeting, and there are only 3 of us, so I don't want to bail.

Have a blessed Easter Triduum everyone! (woah, that is suddenly a lot of 3s)


  1. I'm hoping work goes well for you! It stinks going back after being off and being able to relax. Good luck! Let them know maybe if you need any extra time. You had a lot done, so it's understandable if you are not quite there yet.
    I'm so hoping this was the answer you were waiting for and wishing you a speedy BFP!

  2. I was looking for your surgery update- I see it on your left sidebar....glad you recovered well....Did I miss the post??

    1. Thanks St Rita! This is my post-surgery update:;postID=8229764644812417139


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