Sunday, April 29, 2012

This week in Endo-Diet Cookery

We've been away, but haven't done toooo badly.  I did have a beer at my cousin's - and a glass (+) of wine at my other cousin's the night before that... but overall I didn't cheat very much.

It was REALLY fun hanging out with my cousins.  Friday night we went over to my cousin's and his new wife (to play cards!  it was fun!) - she has bad endo.  Like  terrible, awful, controls-her-life endo.  I feel so bad having relatively pain-free endo while she is destroyed every month.  So since it was just us chickens, I told her about my surgery and endo, and we hugged, being officially endo-sistas.

I sort of dodged an "are you guys TTC" question.  They said they weren't, but then cousin let it slip the next day they were.  I suspect they have a tough road ahead, I hope it isn't so hard for them.

I also really tried to emphasize how I was on the endo diet now.  Cousin's wife knows if she follows it she is pain-free, but it is hard for them to folllow it.  They said 2 moths of chicken + rice + veg was too much.  But I was like - it is so much more than that!  Hopefully they'll buckle down and keep her endo under control.  I tried to say again the next day (without being naggy) (cousin's wife wasn't there) they have to act like she's flat out allergic to non-endo foods, and he agreed (being allergic to nuts, he knows about it).

We brought some Kombucha tea with us, and surprisingly my Dad was willing to try it, and he LIKED it - undiluted!  :)  I mean - it sort of tasted like vinegar, right?  I was spreading the Kombucha love this weekend.  :)

Sat night we went to our best couple friends, and we're actually still here now (waiitng for dinner, playing with the kids).  My friend is super chill with her kids, I think she sets a good example for me.

Without further ado, this week in Endometriosis friendly cookery:  (We went shopping together, it was fun)

Sun:  We're here at our friend's, we went shopping with the girls (they are about to turn 2 and 4 in June), that was interesting - a bit crazy.  My friend kept saying it was such a treat to have another adult along, it was so easy - hahah.  We're having lamb tagine with quinoa and a salad tonight.  It smells heavenly in here.  And I'm going to have a glass of wine, so there.  ;)

Mon:  Mexican night - some of those refried beans I made last week (I froze some - they turned out SUPER good), guacamole, organic corn chips, mexican rice, and Oaxacan Lentils.  I am particularly excited about the lentils -I can always use more lentil recipes added to my repertoire.  I have my follow up with Dr Love tomorrow, so I will be working from home, which means I can start a slightly more complicated dinner than normal.

Tues:  We are out at the adoption seminar (whole post to come on that), we'll just grab something.

Wed:  Greek smorgasboard!  (yes, I know I am mixing metaphors).  This is fun - we eat some (store bought, sorry) dolmadas (which is olive leaves stuff with rice and spices), hummous, roasted cauliflower and cabbage with lemon, drizzled with olive oil and lemon and salt (the magic of all greek food), and olives.  Yum!  Easy!

Thurs:  Well... being at a friend's house and having to get going, I didn't actually plan this far ahead.  We'll wing it with leftovers, I suspect!  :)


  1. Sounds tasty, yet again!

    And I'm so glad that you treated yourself! You deserve an adult beverage (or two!)!

  2. Sounds like a great time! Hey, you gotta treat yourself now and then :-)
    Sorry to hear about cousin. I hope things aren't too bad for them! I'm glad you have someone to relate to though.
    I gave you an award on my blog :-D

  3. I would like to come to mexican night :)


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