Monday, April 30, 2012

Surgery Follow Up/Adoption Seminar tomorrow

Follow up:
Well, the Surgery Follow Up appointment with Dr Love seemed sort of like a huge waste of time.  It is kind of a pain for me to get to his office, of course they were running behind schedule.  In the office I decided I would be positive-thinking and read part of a parenting magazine - yikes.  I was getting too emotional, I had to put it down to read nonsense about movie stars.  I was worried the secretary would call me and I'd have tears in my eyes!

Dr Love didn't really say much.  He recommended taking a cooking class for endo diet food, and I was like "yo, I got that covered"  (well, in so many words).  He seemed not impressed with how Dr A didn't do a trigger shot.  I asked him if it was possible I was having LUFs cycles, and he sort of shrugged and said "Yeah".  I asked if yoghurt was OK, and he gave a non-committal answer.  He did mention my fibroid was so big they had to cut it up to get it out of my stab wounds - gross.  Hahaha!  In summary:  my most fertile time is NOW.  Move with haste!  He said he didn't see why I wouldn't get preg, since my ovaries are good and my tubes are ok.  He also said I shouldn't wait too long before having the next kid - whenever I hear that kind of talk, I want to focus on having at least a second line on a pee stick, everything else we can worry about later.

I have booked an appt this week to talk to Dr A, so we can get started on IUI #3 next cycle.  I think I will be less shy about Cl.omid (aka, take more).  I also want to inquire about trigger shots and LUFs.

Adoption Seminar:
There is an Adoption Seminar tomorrow for my City put on by Children's Aid.  We are finally hoping to go (I tried calling the # I had for registration, but it was a fax number, so I emailed the lady instead).  "The How to Adopt seminar is a 2 hour seminar that covers all areas of the adoption process in [our province]. Provides detailed information on the requirements to complete an adoption in [our province] touching on the difference in process between public ( CAS) Private and International adoption."  This is exactly what we need - we've decided to go local public, but it doesn't hurt to hear about the differences again.  I even made the comment to DH (since we just spent the day with our friends great 2 and 4 year olds) - "You know, if we get a 3-4 year old CAS kid, they won't be nicely adjusted like little A", and he says he knows, but I don't know if he really knows.

I've been feeling a little cool towards adoption lately. I don't know.  DH has always been pro adoption, which I love.  He says ideally he'd like to have two bio kids and adopt one.  He says even before he met me he always felt he'd like to adopt.  :)  Which is so cool.  And I agree.  And it's not like my kids will really look that much like me anyway, since my husband and I are of different ethnic origins.  (Unless we have like 10, then statistically maybe one would look like me a lot?)  Sure, it would be GREAT to have a baby - but there are other things in the world.  It would be great to have a perfect life filled with rainbows and unicorns, but sometimes you have to work with what you got.  There, see, I just talked myself back into it.  :)

What a fertility-related week!  Holy moley am I back in the game or what?  Post-op appointment today, adoption seminar tomorrow and IUI#3 discussion appointment with Dr A on Wednesday (of course at an annoying time of day so I have to miss work).


  1. I'm excited about the adoption seminar! We went to one a couple of years ago and the paperwork is somewhere in my house. It's both a scary and exciting thing to learn about adoption in Ontario.

    Yes, a fertility-filled week! I hope your appointment tomorrow goes well too!

  2. Wow, you ARE back in the game! Woot! I'm excited to see what's next for you. I have lots of hope for you! Can't wait to hear about the adoption seminar, too.

  3. Hope the adoption seminar is good and informative. And all the best at the doctor, tomorrow.

  4. It doesnt sound like Dr. L gave any earth shattering advice. sorry about that. hehehe- I love it, fertility filled week! Get going.....get busy!!!!

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