Sunday, April 8, 2012

Endometriosis-Friendly Meal Ideas - post Easter edition

This week in Endometriosis friendly cookery is somewhat limited to what we can buy at the big Chinese grocery store, because the grocery store I'd like to go to will be closed because we left this until Easter Sunday.  I feel like this week is sorta lame.... so it goes sometimes.

Sunday:  That green lentil dish we had planned for last Friday - but duh, it was Good Friday, I had fish and chips instead!  Kind of a lame Easter dinner.  Hopefully we'll make up for it when (/if?) we go home next weekend. UPDATE - I take it back, this was actually quite good.  :)

Mon:  Steamed fish, Chinese greens, quinoa

Tues:  Thai green curry with fish (wild), leftover brown rice.  This is just about defrosting and leftovers, since we made this ages ago and froze the curry leftovers.  I have a council meeting and DH has practise, so we need this night to be fast.

Wed:  Raw Pad Thai - I am quite excited about this!  If it is good I will post recipe.

Thurs:  Veg chilli.

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