Sunday, April 15, 2012

This week in Endometeriosis Friendly Cookery

I hope everyone is had a good week!  I am finally off all painkillers (for a while I was thinking I was keeping the Ty.lenol people in business), so that is good.  I've been a bit sore in the evenings, so I'm still taking it easy.  I was back at Church today - turns out my fav alto midwife also had endo - she said "they only found it because I was having a hard time getting pregnant" and I was like "me too!".  AND I DIDN'T CRY.  Small victories!  :)

She has two children now - I think they are university-age.  I really like her and her husband (her husband and I are on a committee together), so that is sorta cool that she is also a former IF-er.  Not 'cool' like I'm glad she went through that, but you know what I mean.

Let's get down to business - this week's meal plan:

Sunday:  We're going out for dinner with DH's family (it will be ~Chinese).  For lunch we're going to have some defrosted lentil soup with some guy-lian (chinese broccoli) and I'll have a slice of buckwheat toast.  I looove weekend lunches - time to put out a (fermented) pickle tray - yum!

Mon:  Daal with spinach and Bok Choy (I know I am mixing ethnicities here, but we have to use up the bok choy - and of course, the brassica family is good for endo, I am trying to get it in there often as I can)

Tue:  Thai yellow curry - we bought some paste, I made sure it was only real ingredients, no MSG or other dodgy bits.  We'll probably put mushrooms, eggplant, lentils, onions and cauliflower in it, and have it with brown rice.

Wed:  Chicken cabbage salad.  One of DH's specialties.  Also low GI since there is no 'carb' with it - just the cabbage.

Thursday:  Chili (we didn't end up making chili last week, so this is it)

JellyBelly emailed me about Kombucha this week, and I got really excited and spent many hours on Saturday reading about the wonders of Kombucha.  We shall see!  I am trying to grow a mother from a bottle of Kombucha I bought at the store (for like a million $).  Wish me luck!  Even DH is kind of excited, and normally he's against all this hippie stuff.  I think it will take about a month to grow the mother (also called SCOBY, but I like the term mother), so I am trying to be patient - but man, I want it NOW!  hahahah.

Kombucha update:  there is a thin film!  (Good sign - that's all I can hope for in week 1, the Internet seems to tell me).


  1. I really hope that your kombucha mother grows!!!! The bottles from the store are just too spendy!

    ps I just had lunch and your menu made me hungry again!

  2. Wow, you might just entice me to start a new diet :-)
    That's great you met someone in real life who is an IF success story. It's always nice to be able to connect with people. The more I talk about it, the more I find others who have struggled to some degree or another.
    Glad to hear you are (mostly) pain free! Yay!

  3. "all this hippie stuff" - that is definitely something my DH would say! LOL! I don't know what it is about kombucha - but it just sounds gross to me...but a lot of people are raving about it, I don't know...maybe someday I will work up the nerve to try it. I will be interested to see what you think of it.


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