Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Accident [warning! there is sulking!]

~8 DPO

Well...lots of news tonight!  A friend is having a last minute wedding on the weekend - great news!  He has been with his gf for 9  years, so this isn't huge news.  I always sort of thought they'd do something last minute.  I am quite looking forward to seeing them.  But he mentioned another mutual friend, that I should call him and find out his news.

So I call up my friend, we'll call Rudolpho, and he has proposed to his gf!  This is much more surprising - not that they would get married, but that they would get engaged now (I would expect next year, maybe, they've been dating maybe a year or a year and a half).  She is a lovely girl, really sweet, a huge improvement over his previous gfs.  But he has other news - they are expecting.  Wah wah.

My little IF heart dropped.  I am happy for them.  Really.  He's happy with her, and has always wanted kids, so it is great they get to start now.  But.....ai yi yi.  How do accidents happen in this day and age exactly?  We're not exactly teenagers here.

Are we the only people that know about CM???

I had some cramping today.  AF is coming.  I also had a crying episode last night (brought on by a sad point in a movie).  Maybe AF will be visiting when we go to this wedding and get to re-congratulate the Accidentals.  Then I can start IUI#4.  Awesome.

I clearly deserve some GF cookies but I can't find my wallet right now, so have no $$$ to go to the store!  (Think it is accidentally in DH's bag).

I probably will go read about teenage vampires to cheer me up... but even they get pg in the end... (sigh)...

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  1. Argh. I hate those sort of accidents!!!!!

    If you lived closer I would've given you some gf cookies!!!


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