Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Maybe 7DPO

Well...the boobies are outrageously sore, as per usual.  And I'm outrageously tired (but maybe that's the sun, and we've had very full days this long weekend).  It seemed I had to pee a lot yesterday, so my IF brain starts to thinking.... so at today's romantic wine and cheese picnic with DH, we substituted fizzy water for wine, just in case.

But I already know how this act ends.  Any sort of faux-symptoms will disappear in a day or two, and AF will visit.   And we'll be on to IUI #4.  There is some slight complication as we have a four day camping trip planned, but it is all about when AF comes to see if that is going to cause trouble or not.  Slight chance we'll put off IUI#4 until next cycle.  Since AF has been 25-36 days in the last few cycles, I have no idea when she'll arrive.

In brighter news, I had an adoption dream yesterday.  In the end, I was matched with a little boy!  I still feel all maternalistic to this little dream boy.  I was kind of thinking a lot about adoption that night.  What would your facebook status be "We welcome little <child> to the family!  Yes, that's right - we've been incredibly infertile this whole time!  Fooled ya!"?  Not smooth.  So I suppose we'll have to start putting it 'out there' with the friends and fam that we're on the adoption path.  After PRIDE training and we have more of a feel for what's what.

We've had a lovely Canada Day long weekend!  :)  From merry go round riding to nerf tennis to meeting lots of new people to to fireworks copious amount of goat cheese, it was lovely.  :)
(And I ran into a girl from Church I really like a the park today!  Fun!  And here I was thinking I'd picked a rather secluded park!)
But ohmygosh tired now.  I had a bit of a meltdown on the way home, I was the world's slowest walker.  I blame the cheese.  ;)


  1. I love dreams like that!!!! I think it's a good sign!

    Sounds like a great Canada Day!

  2. I hate fake preggo sxs....but (you never now) keeping fingers crossed!


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