Friday, July 27, 2012

Club 9%


So I am humming along, devouring 'The Garden of Fertility' - really interesting book!  I am pretty sure it is very close to NaPro, but since my intro session isn't for another few weeks, I'm getting a preview.

So here I am, finding it all intensely interesting, and then she drops this statistic like a bomb "Even couples in their late thirties have a 91% chance of becoming pregnant naturally within two years."

Wah wah.
Call the Unfair Police!

If someone told you that you were 91% likely to win the lottery within two years, would you buy a ticket?!  Hells yeah!

Man, this was a real mood killer.  I have a team event this afternoon that promises to be lots of fun, and tomorrow we're out with our ideal friends - the boys are golfing, and the ladies are going to have a spa day (in wine country no less) - FUN!  All this had me very excited this morning.... then I read that pooper statistic up there....

Maybe it is incorrect!
I don't want to be part of that 9%!

Lord knows, I don't want to see that statistic for 3 years (which comes up for us in two months!)

Welcome to Club 9%............

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  1. Argh. That's a sad statistic. At least you're not alone! ;)


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