Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Romance of the Falls


I just hate this time of of the cycle, you know?  The "is that a pg symptom"?  Nah..... x all day long.

It is kind of a bummer.  I've been sort of bummed lately - yesterday for sure, but sort of low-level bummed for a while now....we've switched our language when talking about the future to "if we have kids yet" or "depending on kids", to just saying nothing at all.

Well, I did have a REALLY nice weekend.  We met up with 'ideal couple friends' in Niagra Falls, she and I went to the spa for a 3 hours of treatments, and the boys played golf.  Very fun! (Actually, she and I fit in a quick one stop wine tasting first - yum!).  Then we had a fancy dinner out, again, very fun!

And Sunday was good too - DH had a canoe race back in the City, so we raced back Sunday morning and I hung out at his sailing and canoe club while he was out racing.  To pass the time, and because I don't get down to the lakeshore all that often, I actually went out for a run!  It was slow and there was lots of walking, but still - I was proud of myself.  :)  Then I hung out with some of the women who had already raced (women went earlier in the morning, then the guys were out in the afternoon).  So that was nice - it was nice to just hang out by the water.  And something about the day - I don't know if it was the "romance of the falls" or not, but DH and I were just extra super nice to each other all day.  :)

Then the boys came back (2.5hr race! my DH is so in shape! yay!), we had a bbq and I had a glass of wine... lovely afternoon!  :)

Friday was our team event, we went to a Ping Pong bar downtown - that was loads of fun.  My old boss came - only a week until she's back, ladies!  AUGH.  It was ok, and for the first 5 min I was like, "ah, I missed her!", but then there were a few warning bells that went off.... :(
I am dreading her return still.... maybe this is part of my bummed-out mood lately.

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