Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back to civillisation!


Hello!  I am back, and slowly catching up on blogs!

The trip was very fun.  The hiking was harder than I thought it would be - hills + heavy pack = hard.  Even though it was a bit hard, it was still really fun.  Nice hanging out with Feather (who is a mega-trooper, and is super in shape!), lovely time swimming every day in the warm lakes.  :)

I had a total low blood sugar moment on day 3 of the trip.  Bad news.  Feather and DH offered to take some of the weight from my pack, which I am super grateful for.  It was sucky - I am not so hardy.  I came out of it within the hour, but that was a low point, a very tough time.  Mentally I was thinking "something is wrong with me, why do I feel like this?", and I actually cried on DH's shoulder for a minute (while thinking "This is so embarrassing.  Why am I crying?") .  Bah.

I thought of course about IF/adoption a lot during the hiking parts, and I didn't come to any grand conclusions - but here I am, ready to take the plunge.  So even though I didn't have any epiphanies, I think all the hiking allowed me to de-stress and come to a conclusion.

Conclusion:  Time for Napro.  I booked the intro session.  It may not sound like a big deal to you dear reader, but I've been putting this off for at least a year.  Dealing with all the extra administrative issues surrounding Napro sounds really hard to me.... but I've got to face facts, it is probably worth it.  Reading that study about IUI+Clomid being as effective as doing nothing really sealed the deal.  WTIF!

Who knows, maybe I'll have a change of heart in the next month or two and squeeze another IUI in before I actually get to see Dr Napro.  But for now I am ENJOYING being on another off cycle.  Sure, I am tracking CM, but it is nice not to have swollen ovaries!  And no wanding!  And if I want to go out for a beer with my colleagues, I will.  No big deal.

Here is my wish list from Napro - I wonder how much of this is outrageous, and how much will come true?
  • Better CM
  • No more TEBB
  • No more boob pain
  • Regular luteal phase lengths
  • No more early spotting (FEBB?)
  • No PMS
  • No menstrual pain 
  • No more swollen lymph node as AF is due
  • Maybe better blood sugar control?
  • ahem....baby!
I am started to get quite worried about my #1 cousin, she is going through a period of depression right now.  Please throw some prayers her way if you have any extra!  :)


  1. Hiking is hard work! Glad you made the best of it. I probably would have cried or gave up, lol.
    I think your wish list sounds great! I really hope this is the perfect path for you. I know you'll learn a lot, and hopefully be pregnant in no time! Good luck!!

  2. Thanks for camping with me. It is tough and you did great. Hope you had as good a time as I did.
    I don't really know all the ins and outs of this conclusion, but I hope it's the right path! Hugs!

  3. I can help you in any way, please let me know if you have questions, however there are so many other women better versed in napro...but let me know!! I am excited for you!!


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