Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2nd beta good!

4 weeks, 3 days

2nd beta results today - it doubled!  It was 770-something.  Can you believe I can't remember the exact number?  Anyhoo, it was slightly over doubling, so I am happy.  (first beta was 349)

Nurse Cheese said to me this morning "How did you manage to do this?" and I was kind of like, "Um, this is how bodies are supposed to work, lady!  How I was not managing to do it before is what the real question is!", but instead I just smiled and said "A miracle."

Next stop, heart beat!  We will check the day before my birthday - this could be the best/worst birthday ever!

I've been so tired.  But it is cool - I just like to think to myself, "This is the baby's way of saying slow down, take it easy."  So I do.  I slept like 10 hours last night, and was still tired for times today.  Is ok.  I don't mind, of course!

My boss is back.  Yes, it is already ramping up to be as bad as I thought it would.  Sigh.  There was this big long drama about how we've planned things to work this generation today.  I don't mind technical discussions, but the tone is very urgent and "you're doing this wrong"-ish.  Bah.  I am SO lucky and thankful now I can think, "Deep breaths, no sense in upsetting baby.  I am outta here in 9 months."

My Dad is already quite concerned about me going to Vietnam at Christmas.  It is sort of cute.  He said, "Your Mom had kind of an iffy pregnancy with you, you know."  I'm not sure that is relevant, but it is nice he is concerned.  I am also slightly concerned, so am planning on following my midwife's advice.  Singing at Carnegie Hall in February might be out too.  We'll see.


  1. I am so excited for you! Great numbers! You are growing a baby :)

  2. soooooooo happy!! You know you will need to post what meds/what you did different this month!! I was thinking...did she spend the whole time in the dark!! (remember that article you posted) ;)

  3. Holy moly!! Awesome numbers!! Love this miracle story :-)

  4. Just catching up after our vacation and I am so thrilled for you! Congrats!!!! I knew it was going to happen for you soon, my friend.


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