Friday, August 31, 2012

Still spotting

7 weeks, 5 days

So I was kinda hoping this spotting would be a one-day sorta thing.  Not to be.  I was very surprised this afternoon to see more.  I guessed I had really talked myself into thinking positive!

I am not upset by any comments on my previous post - that is good info to have.  I think it is incredibly UNFAIR you can have a dead baby in your tummy and still be sick - but none of this is about fair, is it?  But thanks for looking out for me, ladies.  :)

There is no statistical evidence that bed rest helps prevent miscarriage... but still I will take it easy this weekend.  I've also been having some abdominal pains, this makes me nervous.  I think I will take St Rita's advice and try to lay flat.  This at least helps with dizziness!

Although odds are, the abdominal pains have something to do with me eating gluten lately.  I haven't had time to mention, the BFP was when I was going to post about gluten, and I've been all caught up since then.  But it seems gluten doesn't affect me straightaway like I thought it was.  I think it is related to my [TMI!] what I think are colon spasms.  So maybe this abdominal pain is related to that?  Well, I'm going to be more careful about gluten now.  I have started to turn into one of the women I never wanted to be - only eating crackers for a few meals because I feel sick.  Not enough nutrition!  Boooo, me!

Now that I don't have to worry about endo, my endo diet is gone away - I am allowing myself goat dairy as I feel like it (trying to be led by cravings).


  1. When I had my bleeding episodes, every time I thought it was gone it would come back again...I was a little further along than you are, but I just did my best to keep positive...My OB said the same thing about bed rest, but he also said if I didn't take it easy or do bed rest and something happened I would probably blame myself so I did the same thing and did bed rest till the bleeding stopped.

  2. Praying that the spotting stops and everything is okay! I know a lot of women bleed and/or spot, but it must be nerve-racking. I will be thinking of you!


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