Sunday, August 5, 2012

Midwife secured!

4 Weeks, 0 days

First of all, I am still pretty much in shock.  I cannot believe this is real!  I've been checking every day, and yup, there is still a line this morning (faint still)!  Wow.  I am so THANKFUL!  I can't believe this is ME.  Wow.

Here's how it went down on Friday:
-After I took my morning temp, DH rolled over and said, "Why don't you test today?".  This is highly unusual, he never says to test.  Later he told me he'd had a dream that I was pg earlier in the week, and he'd had this 'feeling'.  Which I did not share.  I felt totally normal.

So I tested.  And I saw a faint second line!  My very first thought was, "Great, I'm so IF I'm hallucinating."  I called DH upstairs to look at it - and he saw a second line too!  HOORAY!

I've been dreaming about having one of the midwives from my alto section be my midwife for ever.  So  I went to Church today, and she slipped in at the back.  DH looked back and said, "She knows".  I was like, "How could she know?".

But she knew.  During the pass the peace, I said to her, "Hey, there is something I'd like to talk to you after the service about." and she got a big smile on her face, and she said "How about now?".  We walked out to the ladies parlour, and cried and hugged a bit.  I asked her if she would be my midwife, and she said yes, and we cried and hugged a bit more.

It was really great.  I've been thinking about how that conversation would go for over  year now (since I joined the choir).  Yippee! I was kind of worried she'd be like "Um, I want to sing with you, not be all up in your vajay", but she was smiling and nodding as I asked. 

We were kind of like, "Uh, what's next?".  What's next is I will call her midwifery centre today or tomorrow and give them my details.  (Having a midwife instead of a doctor is very popular here, among the educated set).

I know this could end badly, I'm trying to be realistic.  So while I did run out to the library and get loads of preggo books to read, we're not doing anything silly like going to buy baby goods or anything.  The midwife was also cautious.  We'll see how the blood test goes.

I pretty much had no symptoms before testing.  So it goes to show you!  I was pretty tired a few times, but this isn't unheard of for me in general.  And of course boobs were sore, which is every month.  So I was dead wrong about having to feel 'so different' and then I would know I'm pg.

I wish all of you still waiting could be on the flip side too.  I really really wish it.  I never really thought I'd be over here.


  1. Your mw alto friend seemed so nice the time I met her. yay.
    & E loved her mw.
    I think it'll having a mw will be a good fit for you.

  2. Wow, that is so amazing!!


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