Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Your cervix looks like it's been in a knife fight"

Seriously, this makes me laugh every time I think of it.  Direct quote from Dr A.  Hahahha.

So it seems I have some scarring from that cervical cryosurgery from back in the day.  He said it wasn't a big deal.  (Oddly enough, he said "When it's a ten pound baby up against some scarring, we know who'll win that battle".  I don't think I quite get that.)

All in all, the physical was pretty good (I mean the prognosis - not the part where everyone looks at my hoohaa, and the doc is all up in my lady business).  Dr A was pretty jovial, and not mean to the techs, so that was good.   He said my ovaries look good ("This woman has some nice ovaries").  My follicles are continuing to look good. 

He said my follicles are going to vote conservative in the election.  It is my right ovary that will likely go this month.  hahahhah!  He also named a follicle "Jack" after Jack Layton.  hahahha.  Too funny!  [This is Canadian political joking - we've an election coming up].

He said my pelvis is a good size - good enough for an 8 pounder (haha - um, aren't we getting ahead of ourselves?).

I do have a fibroid which is hanging off the outside of my uterus, but he said it isn't a big deal.

All in all, nothing really amiss.  Which I am somewhat wary of, since I am worried we'll meander over towards MF only... but I don't really believe that to be true at this point.  It was only one bad sample from DH.  But who knows - maybe all that acupuncture and being really good this month will do the trick.  That's what I'm betting on.

Even though it is NIAW, I have still chickened out on telling my friend.  DH has been brave and told two of his friends recently ... he even told them he's having surgery.  So probably I should buck up.


  1. Well, at least docA has a sense of humour?? And it's good that everything looks good. RIght? Although I can see how it would be frustrating, kinda...
    (What is NIAW?)

  2. Oh, my dear non-IF friend, National Infertility Awareness Week. :)

  3. Your post made me laugh when you said "hoohaa" lol, that is a good one,(been pretty sad today..so you put a smile on my face..thanks!) yes, dr. love was checking out my hooha as well like yesterday plus he also inserted his fist into the lady parts to feel my uterus...I lied there thinking "gosh, what a morning! he took my blood pressure it went high and he said are you angry--i said nope, just scared..guess we both have had an interesting week! and we both are in the the VIP exclusive fibroid club yipee! where is that glass of wine! oh wait, i can't have it anymore...darn!

    Hey an 8 pounder baby is very good! great to know your pelvis is a good place for your little bundle of joy! Keep posting as I would like to see how you are doing! HUGS!

  4. he sounds like a funny guy......and I think he means the 10 pounder will win against the scaring :) he is getting a bit ahead of himself, but I guess that means there is tons of hope for you and your fantastic, conservative uterus.

    Yeah for nice pelvisis....plevi?

  5. Your doctor sounds like a hoot! All in all it sounded like a good appointment. Gotta love it when the doctors are positive!!!

  6. I am loving your Md...naming your follies!! That is great! Glad acupuncture is working! Praying for that 8lb'der for ya!!!

  7. I had a "fun" doctor like that once. You have to appreciate a doc that tries to make you laugh at such "uncomfortable" times. Ha!


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