Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thunder Thighs


After last week's Rye reveal, I thought - "Screw this,  I've been eating gluten all along, haven't I?  Well then I'll go back to wheat with a vengeance." and promptly had all sorts of gas and tummy aches.


I feel so broken lately.  It one thing doesn't hurt, it's another.  None of these things seemed to hurt last year, to my recollection!

Now my boobies hurt after ovulation, I have random abdominal pain throughout the cycle I don't think I used to have,  Mittleschmirz, I am tired most of the time lately (how on earth I could have a baby when I just want to lie down all the time, I don't know), PMS is much worse in terms of crankiness/drying (yes, I cried today for no reason - great), I still haven't managed to kick my 'getting shaky' habit (worse lately) - and here is one that really disappointed me today - I am now the heaviest I've ever been.

WTIF is going on!?!?

I am not normally someone who really gains that much weight.  For like 5 years I had been a particular weight.  I'd gain 2-3 pounds, eat some salads, and go back to my normal weight.  Now, I am on some weight gaining train.  I've been eating salads like they're going out of style, but my scale is creeping up.   I am now 12 lbs heavier than my usual weight.  I haven't been running very much - but I've been biking and doing a circuit class at the gym (and yoga), it's not like I've been totally lying around. 

So what gives?  It is just good old fashioned lack of running, or is it something else?  Or is it just that I'm older, and won't lose weight as easily?

Or is it adrenal fatigue?  Work was pretty stressful last week and VERY stressful this week. (A coworker called me up and yelled at me.  It really upset me for the next entire day/night.)

So I can't quite decide - Dr Care or Dr Nora?  Regular family doc or Naturopath?  Both seem like a lot of hassle right now with work so busy....

Maybe I will start with family doc.  I mostly seem to have had this shaky thing kicked, but I don't know if it's the work stress lately or what, but I am out of control again.  I seem to wake up every night at like 4 am feeling 'shaky' - regardless of what I eat.   Certainly it is worse with certain food and lack of exercise, but I eat pretty well, I'm not sure how much more diet modification I can do?


  1. You know what I'm going to say!!! Western medicine will only treat part of you. You need to get your adrenals tested and it also sounds like you need to get your fasting insulin tested as well. Both can make you feel tired (and before I went low GI I was putting on weight like crazy!).

  2. Thanks JB! I did some more Dr Googling, and I see that low adrenals can can be related to low blood sugar.... oh man. I think I will switch and say Naturopath it is.

  3. I would also recommend getting your thyroid checked. For now, eat every 2-3 hours and focus on protein (5-10 almonds, almond butter on celery, hummus and rice crackers) - that will help stabilize your blood sugar. And let me know if you want Dr. Turtle's info!
    Sorry about the work stress - it is the worst.


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