Monday, July 4, 2011

Everytime I see a bit of spotting, I think "Implantation Bleeding"...

...but then it always just turns into a harbinger for AF's arrival, am I right?  Like you can hear her car pulling up in the driveway.


So today, CD23 - spotting.  What gives?!  What the heck?  What happened to my supposedly lengthening cycle??  I was sort of angry this morning about it.

This is not unheard-of for me... but I was hoping to hold off on spotting until CD25, y'know?  It also seems like I ovulated a day or so early this month - causing us to potentially screw up our timing.  Timing is hard with MF!  You really only get two good shots at it per month, since you (probably) need so much time in between to rebuild.

I always picture Implantation Bleeding to be some sort of adorable little tiny perfect spot.


That being said, I did only spot for a little while this morning, it seems, which is unusual, so for now, I will pretend it is Implantation Bleeding.  :)  (But not seriously - I've been fooled many a time - there was this one time I got SO excited - but it was a super early AF visit.  Bah!  That was a real bummer.)

As an aside - yes, I've had my thyroid checked - it's all good under the hood, so they say.


  1. I don't want to be an alarmist, but your pain and spotting can't help but make me think of endo. WAY back when I first started blogging I had many of the same symptoms as you and I was convinced that it was nothing, but I had a crazy bad case (not that I'm saying that's what you have!).

    It's too bad that the only way to tell if you have endo is a lap. Then again, I think that laparoscopies should be one of the first things IF doctors do -- one shouldn't have to wait four years like me to get a diagnosis!

  2. I am glad your thyroid checked out okay! I always think I have implantation bleeding as well. There is something to be said about remaining positive. You never know until you "know." Prayers for you!

  3. aww man, i hear ya! i think IF doctors are not doing their due dilligence..well some of them out there. I agree with Jen, why does it feel like we have to swim thorough a lot of mud to find clear water? Guess that is why we have these types of forums to helps us learn from each other..

  4. I agree, you never know until you know! I always thought the same thing. Why some cycles, you get a little dot on p+9 and then af! Its like she is messing w/ ya!


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