Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Very sensitive fertile.

So we just had dinner with some friend's of DH's - I was sort of dreading it.   It was the couple I had previously posted about here (wow, that takes me back, eh?).

BUT, it turned out to be a rather nice dinner.  I had skipped her shower (since I don't do baby showers anymore), but I still wanted to bring a present, so we got together tonight and we gave them their present.  I know that they know about our IF troubles, so I was sort of dreading them asking us how it's going... but it was ok.

She was really quite sensitive about the whole thing.  I sort of mentioned how shopping for baby clothes was fun (I don't know why I say things like that - by 'fun' I mean torture-ish-fun), and she was kind of like "aw" and made a little sad face and changed the topic for me.  In general, they really did try to talk about things other than the baby in the beginning, which I appreciated.

She finally did lean over and say "and how are you doing with your thing?" - and I was ok.  I was just like, "ah, not so good", but she was very understanding.  They had been trying 3 years, she said.  And of course I was still wondering how much "trying" it was or just being off BC, but in the parking lot she mentioned "the month we finally gave up ovulation test strips, we got pg" - I was like, oh, I guess you guys are legit.

She did offer to talk about it more if I wanted to... and I think she didn't have anyone to talk to when she was pre-fertile, which is too bad ... but really, I'm doing ok.  I have y'all blogsisters - and of course my actual local IF ladies, who I love to bits! I can't imagine where I'd be without everyone!  Probably in an insane asylum or divorced.  Yikes.

We did talk excessively about baby names - but I haven't had a total personality transplant, I've loved talking about baby names since high school.  They are pretty hot for a name I quite like - "Evangeline' - remind you of anyone, Feather?


  1. (As long as they don't call her Evie, I like the name Evangeline.)
    Hugs! Stay tough!!

  2. I'm so glad that dinner went well! Hooray for sensitive fertile friends! One of my biggest supporters is a super fertile mom but she always knows the right things to say. God puts them in our lives at just the right time, I think. Best wishes!

  3. Oh! They will call her "Evie". I like Evie. You don't? ho-hum! :) Traumatised by a certain book?

  4. always hard to be around others who have got PG, hard for some of them as well to know how to "act" around those who are still trying or not trying..whatever it may be. but at least she didn't say anything "bad" or "not pleasant".
    Brave of you to meet up with her, i'm still hesitant to see my DH's friend, the one who i went to his wife's baby shower last summer and they want us over to meet the newborn or shall i say a few months old by now..i am just not ready yet.


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