Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oil Pulling

Yes, that's right.  Oil pulling.  It isn't like pulling taffy.

I first heard about it from Kim, and the thought "you should look up what the heck that is" kept going around in my head for a week or two.

I finally looked it up.  If you've no time to look at the link above, I will sum it up for you:  Oil pulling will  cure all that ails you.  Or at least whiten your teeth.  Or not.

Hahha.  I figure, it can't hurt.  And at least, it seems it may whiten my teeth (I don't use whiteners, cuz I don't really care all that much about super white teeth when it comes down to it, and I mistrust them, pretty sure they are full of bad things).

Ah.... I love these sort of hippie cure-alls.  I know realistically it probably won't 'fix' all that is wrong with me, but for the next few weeks, I'd like to think it might, gives me something to look forward to!

So I've been doing it for about 7 days now.  I'm not sure it's doing anything - but then again, I'm not sure it's NOT doing anything.   I haven't been having abdominal pain like I've been having (CD16 - should be about to ovulate...although no sign of LH yet).  So that's good... but where is my LH?  Normally CD14 I can sort of see it!

I do think my Dad should probably do this, as he's had a ton of teeth problems and root canals lately.  I also strongly believe that my Grandma's deathly heart attack was from the double root canal she'd had 2 days before she died - apparently there are lots of studies linking the nasty bacteria that live in bad places in teeth with heart attacks.  So it is sort of sad I am only learning this now. 

But we'll see - I'm not sure how I'd go about convincing my Dad to do something so hippie.  For now, I'm just going to see if it at least whitens my teeth!  :)


  1. So can you do it yourself? Or do you have see someone? I'm curious too!

  2. Sorry, I asked before I clicked. I'm so going to try this!

  3. Yeah! Let me know how it goes! I actually find it a bit relaxing in the morning, as weird as that sounds. Until it gets gross, then it's just gross.

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