Monday, July 11, 2011

Healthy Vaginal MicroBiome Necessary for Reproductive Health!

As I was going for my Sunday run and listening to Quirks and Quarks, the national weekly science news program (excellent running companion), I came across this:

About minute 44 onward it suddenly got VERY interesting!  If you've got time, I encourage you to download it!  :)

This sentence almost stopped me in my tracks:
“We know that a healthy balance is critical to preventing vaginal infections, protecting against sexually transmitted infections and preventing pregnancy loss and preterm birth.”

Well!  Neat!  Not that I've ever been pregnant, so nothing to lose, but it is so INTERESTING!  This field of study is just beginning - who knows what else they'll show is related to a healthy balance of microorganisms in the vajajay?  Like, say... certain types of IF?!  It does make sense.

And more importantly - once lost, how does one return it into balance?  I tooled around the Internet a bit, but it seems this research is in it's infancy.  What is a 'normal' balance they're still figuring out.  I saw one study that found five different 'normal' types.  Complicated.


  1. First of all I never thought about listening to any national news programs on my runs....I may have to try that! Secondly, what an interesting but complicated subject. My "science" mind is all curious now!

  2. I half listened to this program while I was puttering around my house. I think I may need to take a closer listen now that you've pointed it out!

  3. I was infertile most of my life, until I took antibiotics for bacterial pneumonia and then again after a minor surgery. My OB told me it must be a bacterial imbalance that had caused all those years of infertility.


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