Friday, July 22, 2011

Ow! There you are Mittelschmirz, I thought I had misplaced you!

It's friggin' CD17!

I am ouchy and awful today.  Blather.  Finally there is a faint (very faint!) on the LH test strip.  So maybe tomorrow will be an actual line.  So ovulation CD19?!?  Unheard of!  I am normally CD16 like clockwork!

WTIF!  Last month I suspected I ovulated at like CD14.  Now CD19?!  What happened to me being regular?  Why am I descending into a spiral of bad?  (Have a whole post coming on adrenal fatigue)

If I don't have a least a 29 day cycle this month, somebody's gonna get a hurt real bad!  (I'm looking at you, Aunt Flo!) (The link is classic Canadian humour)  :)


  1. Is it any consolation that I'm a late ovulator?

    Btw, thanks for sharing the Russel Peters clip. He is so funny!

  2. Yes, it is some consolation. :) I did actually think of you...

  3. I need to hear more about the adrenal fatigue! I am beginning to self-diagnose over here and that may be good or bad. Have a good weekend!

  4. I am a very late ovulator. I thought it was a joke that people really had 28 day cycles!


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