Thursday, August 25, 2011

2nd appt

I had my 2nd appt with Dr Nora yesterday.  It was interesting.  She's almost a bit scatter-brained - I feel like we were mostly talking about general health (energy, sleep), and not much at all about IF.  Like IF would naturally go away if I took care of the others?  Or are we still thinking it's all DH? 

She recommended some herbs/vitamins and things.  I've been feeling better generally for the last week or so, hopefully it keeps up!  (or as I've come to think of  it, gradually my adrenals are being restored).

DH and I had a REALLY lovely mini-vacation on the weekend - we stayed at a B&B, we went on an amazing hike in the pouring rain on Sunday!  That really calms me down.  I wish I could go for such a thing every weekend.  I think it is some combination of the fresh air and the trees (and I suppose the exercise isn't hurting any).  Lovely!

I am CD20 today, but this is the first cycle in a long time I have no real idea when I ovulated, all signs point to that it's over by now.  I'm also sort of in an easy-breezy kind of mood lately, so I wasn't paying too much attention.  I tried Dr Nora's method of figuring it out, but it didn't seem to work for me.  Maybe I will have to take a class?  She wasn't so impressed I didn't know.

I will try to call sometime this week to talk IUI for next cycle.  And DH has an appt booked with Dr Nora as well - while his volume is up, we still need to work on motility and morphology.  I will prob go to his appt with him.


  1. You're totally right about Dr Nora being a bit scatterbrained! I'm pretty good at refocusing her (my elementary school talents!).

    I'm so glad that your feeling better! Can't wait to see what Dr N does for your dh.

  2. Move here! Move here! Move here!!
    You could go hiking every wknd!! Just an hour to the park across the river. Convince DH and we can be city bffs. :)

  3. I am so glad you enjoyed your mini-vacation. Exercise does have a wonderful way of relieving stress....hooray for endorphins!


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