Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still a single liner...

But no sign of AF yet.  Not even spotting.  Every time I went to the bathroom today I steeled myself for some spotting - but none yet!  Boobs still don't hurt.  Am I maybe missing a period?  Or just an historically long cycle?  Only time will tell. (And POAS again tomorrow - I might as well, I have tons of the things, I don't normally use them, I rely on good ol' AF)


Anyhoo, first appt with Dr Nora today.  That was interesting!  She is confident she can make me more energetic, sleep better, better skin, and potentially knocked up.  That is good.  But, my old TCM doc was also super confident... so I am only cautiously optimistic.  I will wait a few months and see how I do.

I had been dreading the appointment last night - there were so many forms to fill out, and you know, explaining yourself AGAIN to another doctor... bah.  But it was of course ok.  (I must say Dr Nora is in QUITE a posh neighbourhood in the City!  Woah!  I forget there are people like that!)


  1. I imagine living in Dr. Nora's neighbourhood whenever I go for my appointments! I passed Geddy Lee on the street the first time I went to see her -- only in Rosedale!

    Hmmm, I'm wondering what is going on with AF. Stay away!!!!

  2. Did I miss an explanation of who Dr. Nora is?

  3. Dr Nora is JB's Naturopath, who helped her very much to be much healthier.


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