Friday, August 19, 2011

74.4 Million reasons to say "YAY!"

So, the results are in after DH's surgery - and they're good!  DH's numbers have come up dramatically.  From 34.9mil to 86.7mil to 74.4mil.  Yay!

Motility is still a bit low at ~30% (should be >50%), but there was progress there too.  And Morphology is still low at 15%, up from 10% (should be >30%).  So I think we should be in a good range for IUI next cycle.

Which begs the question - if DH's counts have been up since July, and that is supposedly all that was wrong with us... um, where's the baby?!?

Also good news is that a good IF lady 'E' is 'back in the game' after a disappointing early miscarriage.  I think it will work out for her - she's really done a serious lifestyle change!

I had my birthday this week, but I don't care in terms of IF.  It's our second anniversary that is looming, that I think I may freak out on.  That will officially be two years of IF.  Poot.

Anyhoo, to continue my 'birthday week', we're heading up to a B&B in the country this weekend and planning on doing lots of hiking, it will be CD15, good chances!  :)

I keep having baby dreams, but the babies are never mine lately.  Like I had this dream that I woke up, and all these puppies and babies were in our apartment  - and I got to work trying to return them.  Like, what the hay?  hahahahh.


  1. Happy Birthday, CS! Hope you have a great time! And awesome spermy news!! Keep rolling the dice each month and things will go your way!


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