Saturday, August 6, 2011

Please exit this fun ride through the lavatory.

Well ladies, this extradinary cycle was quite a fun ride, but alas, spotting started yesterday.

It was still a really weird cycle.  No boob soreness, no cramping 'period pimple'.... due to oil pulling?  Stress?  Lack of stress?  What is going on!?!?

I had the worst day on Friday.  I felt like I would burst into tears if "one more bad things happened" - but of course I didn't, as bad things did seem to keep happening all day (even minor setbacks were really killing me).  Man, work is really tough/stressful again.  I think all of August is going to be like this.  I feel like it is just heading into torture when I go in the morning, and when I get home I am super drained.


  1. Stupid AF. Wish I could give you a great big hug!

  2. I am so sorry. This sucks, absolutely!

  3. I wanna give you a hug too.......stupid AF and STUPID JOB!

  4. Life sucks sometimes! Hope your upcoming week will be better!


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