Thursday, August 25, 2011

Appt booked to discuss IUI

I didn't really know I would need an appt to discuss IUI with the doc, but it appears I do!

When I called up the office to say I'd like to do an IUI next cycle, the lady was like, "Do you want injectable meds or pills?", and I was like, "Um, neither?  Can I do a natural cycle?" and then things started to get confusing, and she suggested I book an appt to talk to Dr A about my options.

Problem is, he's not free until Sept 6th.  And given my un-predictable cycle length, I could be anywhere from CD1 to CD5 on that day!  Oops!  DH was nagging me to call them earlier, and I was like "Why?  I pretty much just have to call them on CD1, right?", but I think it isn't very common for them to do unmedicated cycles, so maybe a good idea to talk it over first.

Cause I'd like to take progesterone.  I (and Dr Nora, more importantly) still think I have low progesterone in my luteal phase.  And I'd like them to continue to cycle monitor me even after ovulation.  Which they don't normally do.  Can I whine and they'll do it?  Dr Nora said she'd call them up and persuade them if need be - which is comforting, but does sound a bit dramatic, given that I think most medical docs think Naturopaths are just Shamans, I think he's likely to ignore her? 

Well, let's see how this all shakes down.  I like having a plan for next cycle, at the very least.  Technically this will only be the second month DH's numbers are up, one could argue we should wait 3-6 months... but I feel that is too long if there are other problems that need to be addressed.  And most importantly, September was our original cutoff (aka, trying for two years - we said we'd start pursueing adoption after two years, but now I'm not sure we're ready yet), so it is very important mentally to be doing something drastic.


  1. Hey thanks for the info on my blog--I didn't know about caffeine and slow eggs! I'm going to try to kick it completely. Good luck with your appointment!

  2. i hope you get in for the next cycle, i know how important it is to feellike your moving forward in some way. Also happy to hear DH's count is way up. i have a good feelinng about your drastic move!


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