Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Game plan for IUI #3

As I sit here with my Kombucha Tea, I really should dial into my work meeting... but after a visit to the RE's office, I can never get my head back interested in work!  (And I feel soo weirdly relaxed right now, despite having to drive through downtown at 5pm.)  I have a cauliflower head roasting in the over - yum.

We discussed lots of things - I will say something for Dr A - he doesn't mind long chats!  I was there for ~45min-1 hour.  I much prefer this to docs you only see for 5 min then rush you out.

Game plan:  Next cycle, try 100mg (is that the right unit?) Clomid (this will be double what I took last time).  HCG shot.  IUI.  Then a rest cycle.  Then again.  Rinse and repeat.  Since I am "so young".  (Really?  To me 35 seems around the corner, but he was not fazed by my age at all)

Some highlights:
  • He was all on about how bad my endo is.  He calls our IF explained now by my endo.
  • Fibroid was definitely 3.1cm last year.  Ergo, it grew. (5 cm now before it was hacked out)
  • He was somewhat surprised I still had TEBB, but said he didn't think it an indicator of negative pregnancy outcomes.
  • I asked about LUFs, right away he said "Oh no!".  He said my progesterone was too high to have had LUFs cycles.  Any thoughts out there in NaproLand?
  • DH's sperm are most likely ok, outside of very exotic problems
  • Progesterone cream - well... I didn't quite tell him I've tried it (*ahem* on it now), but he was against it, said there is poor absorption through the skin, better to take orally or the other way.  Maybe next cycle I will go natural, and we'll just see how my prog is without any help.
  • Evening Primrose Oil - he's against it.  He said I should just try taking estrogen if I wanted estrogen, not estrogen that was very like human estrogen but not quite.  If my CM still isn't good, there is something else wrong with my cervix.  (Quite possible, since mine is all damaged and whatnot)
  • He said Dr Love is the best surgeon in our City.  He said he is a bull dog and doesn't let any endo go, he'll remove all possible endo.  Dr A even said if he had endo (har har) he'd want Dr Love to do the surgery.  Which is good.
  • I said we didn't want to do IVF, and he said he didn't think we needed to.  So that's good.  I would have hated to have him lean on me.
  • I asked about an HCG shot, and he said it would maybe help a little, so we could do it.  But it wouldn't help a lot, just a little.
  • He did mention that if I was to overstimulate and produce too many follicles, the province pays part of the cost (50-60%) of converting to an IVF cycle (but only once, you can't make that mistake again).  Interesting.  The Province doesn't want multiples - bad for the kids, bad for the healthcare system.  Me, I think quads would be great fun, but Dr A made it clear they try everything they can to avoid HOM. 
  • He also thinks we should avoid injectibles (not sure if just for now or if for ever) - I stimulate fine, he thinks I would risk over stimulation (and again, he's worried about HOM - I think he gets in trouble).
Overall he was very WHEN you get pg not IF you get pg.  I even called him out on that and he stood by his WHEN.  But it is easy for those docs to be so confident, isn't it ladies?  It isn't their hoohahs getting wazooed every month, they don't cry when they get AF.

A million more thoughts on adoption, I want to give it it's own post.


  1. Sounds like a great appointment! I love it when doctors are so positive! Yay!

  2. I think this all sounds very promising!! I am excited for you. Your chances must be wayyy increased now. I can't wait for your BFP!!


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