Saturday, March 31, 2012

Next week in Endometriosis friendly cookery

Here is our plan for next week.  I do feel like the world of chicken has been opened up to me.  I have been sort of  'off' chicken since about 2004 when I got awful Salmonella poisoning from a chicken sandwich.  I said to myself, if I hadn't had that chicken, 3 days of my life would have been so much more pleasant (to make matters worse I was home for a funeral, and all my relatives kept asking if I was anorexic because I couldn't eat).  But I'm over it - if chicken is one of the few meats I can eat - I'm back, baby!

We went to the market and bought a fancy frozen local free range pasture fed chicken.  Woohoo!  BUT, at the market (we drove like lazy people), I was in a lot of pain, we quickly bought some organic carrots and were outta there.

Tonight (Sat) :  Quinoa tabouli with steamed wild cod.  The Tabouli last week was SO GOOD, I asked for it again!  I like it easy on the quinoa and heavy on the parsley.

Tomorrow:  We are going out with friends from my past life for Greek food.  What on earth will I eat?  I am thinking fish and potatoes.

Mon:  I have a hankering for cabbage rolls, but this is unrealistic from a time point of view, so we're going to cook all the parts separately and enjoy.  (The beef is grass fed organic from my friend the beef farmer, so I am thinking it is ok to eat beef like twice a month.  Opinions?)

Tues:  Chicken stew.  I suspect this will end up Greek-ish with lemon and olives and potatoes.  Yum!

Wed:  Adobo chicken.  I may make it with hominy, or maybe just organic corn tortillas.  There is a tiny bit of cilantro popping up in the garden we'll use, and avocado.   I loooove mexican food, it isn't easy here.  :)

Thurs:  Red lentil avgolomeno.  This will use those lovely organic carrots from the market, and any other veg around.

Fri:  Greek brown lentil/tomato soup (from a cookbook - first time we're making it). 


  1. You're making me hungry :-) That all sounds delish!

  2. Oh my! That is quite the menu! Looks great!


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