Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I don't mean to brag, but...


I did the happy dance of joy yesterday - my progesterone number was 105.  !!!  Holy Moley!

I was sure the number would be like 18 or something, which is low for Napro folks, but my doc would have maybe thought ok, and then I was going to have a big prog cream debate.  But, ah, ahem, 105.  Yup, no extra needed!  Wohoo!  Even Dr Nora only wanted to see 60.

So immediately I am thinking "Triplets!", and I spent my spare day dreaming at work thinking of how cool that would be.  (Really, I think there could be months of debate of what clever names to give them alone!)

Doc was VERY surprised I wasn't more bloated yesterday when I went for blood/wanding.  He kept asking how I was doing, and I was like "ok".  "Any bleeding after?"  "Nope, just some mild cramping."  He mentioned twins again - he is worried-ish we'll have twins.

I did finally mention I had been eating my face off and quite tired (there was a point on Sunday I took DH's bowl away from him so I could eat more!), and he said my body thinks it is preggo, so that is normal.  Duh, of course, I think in retrospect.  That's the closest I've ever been to pg.  Hahah - well, it wasn't too bad, bring it on!  Those signs are fading now.  I ate a normal amount last night, and the crazy tiredness seems to be gone today.  Poot.  I was sort of hoping to continue those symptoms for the next 39 weeks or so....

"Higher levels of progesterone than normal can be caused by adrenal cancer, ovarian cancer or a condition known as congenital adrenal hyperplasia." - Nah, doesn't sound like me.

"Obesity, insulin resistance, high levels of stress, poor diet and lack of exercise can all contribute to low progesterone levels" - Well, despite a noted lack of exercise [I have been a lazy bum lately], I guess I'm doing ok to have generated such a high level!  Hooray!

Does 105 mean all 3 eggs are good to go?  ~30 for each?  Yes, I think so.  Alas, Dr. Internet indicates this does not mean this cycle is going to WORK or not.  Double Poot.  High progesterone doesn't mean the beans will stick, just that there are beans.

Well, I'm still super jazzed [seriously, google normal progesterone levels, then be me, then get super excited, then remember this doesn't mean any one of them will stick and get a bit sad, then repeat].  This is more progesterone than is needed at 28 weeks pg!  If the triplets make it, I am ready for them!

I will be watching myself like a hawk for the next week for early pg signs!  Of course my boobs are sore, but that is normal for this time.  They even started a bit late again, indicating a long cycle, which is going to mess with my head - again.


  1. YAY 105!! I can't imagine you eating from DH's bowl. Wow.
    (And I think that naming triplets would take months and months to get the names right)

  2. my belly just got butterflies!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted Mrs. High Progesterone!!!!

  3. Those are some amazing numbers!!!! Woohoo!!

  4. WOOHOOO!! That is a fantastic number! I'm getting really excited :-D


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