Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mrs Lamey McNoRunsy


My OvuView is suddenly saying (or I'm suddenly noticing) 5DPO - but no way.  Ovulation is today or tomorrow.  I am OUCHY today.  (Interestingly, CM peak was 5 days ago...but that doesn't mean ovulation. ?)

The lamest thing ever - I got all dressed up to go on a run this morning, and I barely made it out of the yard.  Even the first few steps were too ouchy - so I turned around and went home (and watered my zucchini).  Lame!

Despite my big exercise push, I still am mostly sedentary.  I like watching tv after a long day of work.  That's the problem!  Sure, today it is ovulation pain - to be fair, I also was ready to start 'you are your own gym', but am just too ouchy.  Maybe in a few minutes it will be better? [Update:  No, it is worse.  Add some colon spasms in.  What the heck?]

This weekend was totally fun, with a great visit with Feather (who lives about 5 hours away normally, but stayed with us for the weekend).  It was cut short by a wedding shower I had to go to - but that turned out to be fun too.

Feather and I made the most awesome raspberry sorbet ever - and I'm quite happy to say that it was without an ice cream maker!  (I already have far too many kitchen gadgets, no room for such a single-purpose thing!)  (Sorry, I was trying to put up a picture, but it is too hard to do that today)

(I am still thinking this cycle will fail like all other cycles do.  But am more excited about adoption!)

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  1. Stop being so hard on yourself! If you didn't feel well, you shouldn't go running!

    Hmmm, that sorbet looked and sounded delish! Btw, I can make sorbet in my Vit.amix. It's the best blender in the world!


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