Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weekly meal plan, late


I have been negligent - this has been an excellent week in endometriosis friendly cookery, but I haven't shared the meal plan with you ladies yet!

And I will disclaim - things haven't gone quite to plan, but here is the plan anyway:

Mon:  French Style Salad.  We pickup the free magazine, and I love the look of it!  Recipe here.  (and ok, we haven't had this yet, but tonight I think)

Tues:  Lentil Wat, cabbage, quinoa.  Ok, the Lentil Wat (which is Ehtiopian curry/stew) turned out quite dodgy - next time I should follow a recipe and not just wing it.

Wed:  Chicken cabbage salad

Thurs:  Beets (served cold - it is a heat wave after all!), Black-eyed peas and fennel.

We made it to hot yoga again last night.  You know, I was really getting into the groove of sweating.  The rest of the night wasn't so hot after that.  Tonight is a more relaxing class, I'm looking forward to it.

Oh, and I totally forgot to mention the fun meetup on the weekend!  It was small, but good.  (Always nice to meet new people - but then again, wouldn't it be nicer if there didn't have to be any new additions to the group?)  I'm starting to edge into veteran class IF lady - not somewhere I ever wanted to be...
Really nice to see Jelly Belly in person.  :)  I gave her some Kombucha mothers - go JB go! 


  1. I'm so hungry after reading this!

    I wish we weren't the "vets!" It's a crummy club to belong to, but at least we have one another!

  2. I got you babe! (pretend I'm Cher)

  3. I love your menus- I wish you could come to philly and cook for me. However, my DH would probably go to Mcdonalds!
    love your ideas!

  4. Oooh yummy!! So cool about the meet up :-)


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