Saturday, June 30, 2012

Soap + Toner


IF update:  Kind of bummed lately.  This cycle also doesn't seem to be working.  Like usual.  Some nice goat brie and wine cheered me up last night.  ;)

So I've been thinking for a while it would be fun to post about random beauty products during the TWW.  It is after all my blog.  And I'm a bit of a crazy makeup girl.  But we'll save that for a future post.  So sorry, this isn't much about IF - you can tune out if you like!  :)

So it is no secret, I have bad skin.  It's been getting better slowly but surely (GF/dairy free seems to help a ton), but I am still prone to breakouts/bit of rosacea (interesting I just looked it up - linked to intestinal bacteria...hrmm....).  When I washed my face with Pro.A.ctive before my wedding, my skin did look great.  BUT, this has far too many chemicals for TTC, so I stopped right after the wedding (when we started TTC).

I am sort of demanding my skin get better from the inside out, using it as a reflection of my general health and well-being.

So I use soap.  Regular old soap.  Same soap for body and face.  Right now I'm using Dr Bronner's Tea Tree Oil, but I like his unscented best.  I love rich lather-y bar soaps.  I have a tie between The Soap Work's Pine Tar soap, and Dr B's Unscented as my all-time favourite soaps.  I think the Pine Tar edges out slightly - it is way cheaper, and it is made locally which is pretty cool.  If you've never tried a Dr B's bar soap - spoil yourself one day and try them out.  They are super luxurious.  :)

I also use the brush pictured.  It really does help.  I use it once a day, for about a minute.  This is my concession to trying a little bit to improve things from the outside instead of just the inside.  I've been using this type of brush (very soft bristles) for over a year now.  In fact, I've already broken one of these and bought a second one.  (You can get them at the drug store, nothing fancy).

I splash a bit of Witch Hazel for toner, then I'm done.  I find if I don't tone my skin gets very dry.  I don't use moisturizer at all.  My skin is so oily naturally, it doesn't feel nice.  And usually they are chock full of chemicals.  I know I'm playing a dangerous game with wrinkles...but such is life.  :)

I was a little worried Witch Hazel was no good for fertility, but I did a little Dr Google-ing just now, and it seems fine.  Also pictured is my red clay, which I use to make very occasional masks.  I do really find masks improve my skin, but I find it a bit of a bother.

Do you have a favourite soap?  What is your toner solution?


  1. That is really interesting! I might have to try those. I have to use all sensitive products because I developed Eczema since doing fertility treatments. I use Aveeno body wash and soaps. Or other oatmeal products. Not sure if it's the best. I do use an astringent pad to cleanse my face...I don't like the chemicals in it though.

  2. Based on my 41 year old oily skin, I would say don't worry too much about the wrinkles. I don't have any fine lines and I've never used moisturizer regularly. most of the women my age have them and I don't- I think it's because of the oily skin :) What I do have is saggy skin around my mouth, but I joke it's because I've smiled so much throughout my life- hahaah. Moisturizer isn't going to help that!! Anyway, I don't even wash my face, I wipe it with coconut oil and that's it. I do love the witch hazel though and have used it in the past. Smells yummy. What a fun post!


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