Friday, June 8, 2012

Symptom Check, '03


The Good:
  • Smell Sensitivity?  Well...maybe?  As soon as my carpooler got in the car after work I was like "are you wearing cologne?" - but it turns out it was probably just his deodorant.  And then later in the car I was like "why does it smell like fumes?" and it was the di.esel in front of us. So... could be nothing.
  • BBT still up.  But it often doesn't fall until AF is hear.  So while down is bad, up isn't necessarily good. 
  • Vivid dreams?  Yeah.  I normally have pretty vivid dreams, but I've been having some pretty major dreams last couple of days, including a sleep paralysis moment.   But also could be due to massive progesterone level.

The Bad:
  • Darkening areolas?  Nope.
  • Spotting?  Nope.
  • Urinary frequency or constipation?  Nope. 
  • Fatigue?  Not really.
  • Nausea? Nope.
  • Unusual hunger or cravings?  Nah.
  • Headache?  No.
  • Mood swing?  No more than usual.  ;)
  • Faint/dizzy?  No.
  • Metallic taste?  No.

The Indifferent:
  • Boobs are incredibly sore.  Particularly in the evenings!  But, this is sort of par for the course, seemingly made worse by all the progesterone floating around in my system.
  • Cramping is getting worse.  I think this is sorta bad, but Internet says it could be ok in early pg.  It certainly feels like AF is about to be here.  Is that you knocking around in there triplets?
As you can see my "good" signs are pretty weak.

So we continue to wait.  I thought about testing tonight, but we're having company, and it is pretty obvious in the garbage!  In any case, I am quite happy to have these two stay over tonight, it will be good to see them!  And we're going out for an evening of jazz at a local sailing club, sounds like we're going to have a great time!  My first warm summer night out this year.  :)


  1. I think your symptoms sounds promising :-) And sometimes a lack of the big symptoms are a good sign! I hope you have a great weekend - sounds really fun!!

  2. I would be busting if I were you...and I would be testing everyday if I were you!! I prayed for you in church tonight!! Please....triplets!! Yes!!


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