Sunday, June 3, 2012

An exciting week in Endo-friendly cookery!

CD18, 3DPO

Ladies, this is an exciting week in endometriosis friendly cookery!  I saw this online, and decided that it sounds like super fun to ferment some Injera!  I loooove fermenting, I like gluten-free... I love grains with good nutritional profiles...voila!  Isn't everything more healthful when you ferment it?

Let's see how well it works - I've seen some people online say it didn't turn out - but we'll see!  :)

I've been doing fine the last few days (emotionally - just trying to stay calm and be 'regular' about things) - I go in for progesterone check Tuesday, then depending on how that number looks there will be much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands.  ;)

Monday:  Warm lentil salad.  Nothing fancy, move it along.
Tues:  Franks and Beans!  Ok, ok, I don't know if 'Franks' (aka, hot dogs) qualify as good for endo...ok, they don't.  But I will at least buy nitrate free ones.  And I make my own baked beans (a la slow cooker), thank you very much!
Wed:  Heuvos Rancheros.
Thurs:  Fake cassoulet, based loosely off this.  Again, you're thinking "Sausage?  Really, CS?".  But I have a craving, so I'm going with it.  And I'll buy organic chicken thighs.
Friday Night Fun!  Injera with Lentil Wat, Cabbage, and maybe Goat Stew.  Yum!  Friday some good friends from NYC are in town and staying with us, it would be fun if we had Ethopian leftovers when they got here!  :)


  1. There's nothing wrong with eating sausage! We have it around here quite a bit, but it is organic.

    Looks like a yummy menu!

  2. I always looks forward to your menus...and by the way- I wanted to say that you left such a wonderful post on my blog the other day- thank you for adding me to your prayer list. You are so special for doing that!!! Now, sending your prayers for your BFP!!!


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