Sunday, September 2, 2012

Better now?

2 months along

PTL, the spotting seems to have stopped.  Thank you to everyone who kept us in your thoughts and prayers!  :)  Hopefully it was just that little episode?  I am still planning on taking it easy tomorrow (by this I mean lying on the couch most of the day) and continuing to try and stay super hydrated.  I think staying hydrated was a good tip - thanks Maddie.

I have been super thirsty lately, and I assumed it was some bad blood sugar thing - but it seems to be related to being pg.  So drink up I shall! 

Lying on the couch I fool myself into thinking I am feeling well, then I get up and do something, and I get dizzy and whatnot.  I'm not sure about work on Tuesday - we'll see.  I get out of breath super easily - this also seems to be a pg symptom!  Hahaha.  I was worried all this lying about was making me out of crazy shape, but it seems to be due to the pg.  That is fine.  Really - like I stand up to cut tomatoes for 5 minutes, I lie back on the couch and am winded.  Weird.

Well, it might have taken me half an hour, but I did make a lovely tomatoe/cucumber/goat cheese salad for dinner tonight!  :)  DH says he considers that me making dinner, the sweetie.  Which is pretty much all I've done today.


  1. I am glad your spotting has stopped. You will remain in my prayers. Continue staying hydrated and take it easy. And yes, I consider your salad a great dinner as well :)

  2. 2 months :)
    Take it easy today!

  3. Whew! I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better :) Seriously consider taking Tuesday off...I would!

  4. Oh thank goodness for no spotting!! Take it easy momma :-)


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