Saturday, December 11, 2010

All I wanted for Christmas

Last night was the Christmas party with my IF friends.  SO fun.  I really have to say, I don't think I'd be where I am now without them.  I have come to see IF as a problem that some people have that has to be dealt with, not as a shameful curse that only I have.

When I met them all last month, I really did approach the meeting like, "What do other IF people look like?" because I had honestly never met people that were struggling to make a baby.  Back in the day, I thought of people that couldn't conceive as super unhealthy, and it was probably their own fault they couldn't make a baby.  Hahahh - ah, misconceptions.

If you are a random reading this, I really do urge you to get out and meet other ladies in your situation.  My IF friends are really wonderful and supportive, and it is the only place where this aspect of my life can be freely talked about.   It does wonders for your mental state.  And believe it or not, when one of those ladies turns preggo, you will be so happy for them - they really earned that baby!  It gives hope for us too.

(As opposed to the 'oh, ha, we just went of birth control for one month and here we are, lol' preggos, which I piss me off.)

We also had a gift-exchange, and I got the perfect gift for me - organic preserves.  I will eat them with my full-fat goat yoghurt.  Yum!

Tonight is my work Christmas party, and this I am also looking forward to.  Since Aunt Flo is here, I am going to booze it at the work party and have fun.   Whether or not to have a glass of wine now and then is a big question for me, since it is not obvious if that really does affect our fertility or not.


  1. YEAHHHHHHHHH, your officially a excited to finally have access to your inner most thoughts :) haha. Its going to be so wonderful to read about your story and hear about your successes! I love my IF group (aka secret girl spy group) too, we rock the IF world!!!

  2. I am so excited to be reading your blog! Thank you so much for doing it!!! yeah!!! hmmm yeah, me too been debating about that glass of wine...i'm dying for one..but my acunpuncturist made that as one of the "no you can't have any alcohol.." hmm i wonder if she knows if i did have 1...oh well, i better stay good. will get the sparkly non-alcoholic wine juice for tonights birthday gathering..


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