Friday, December 17, 2010

Two new baby boys in the world...

My cousin just had his baby, and our close friends just had their baby in the last two days!

Yikes.  Our friends also (unwittingly) stole our name.  We've now lost both our #1 boy and #1 girl's names, because we can't get on board!  Blah.

I am happy-ish for them all, I don't feel too sad at the moment, so that is good.  I also suspect maybe our friends had some trouble TTC, and they look SO happy in their pics, maybe they earned it, so I am more happy for them.  So it goes.


  1. Urgh! The chick at work who's pregnant just stole my baby's boy name today! I might lose it if she also takes my girl name. Did they know that was the name you liked?

  2. that sucks, yeah, i understand how you feel, happy and saddish at the same time. But great that they succeeded especially if they were struggling! maybe one day they will share with you their "journey"..we can always learn from others especially if they struggled with IF what steps they took that was different to become successful in conceiving.

  3. No, we kept our names private, so they didn't know. It was just a good name.

    @butterfly - I am almost afraid to ask them, in case I am wrong about them having trouble TTC, and they're another 'LOL, we just off bc and here we are' couple. I think I will wait until I've caught, then I won't be upset either way.


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