Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Big K and Little-stolen-name

So I have a friend in town next week, we'll call him big K, and we are planning to get together.

Big K is sort of a partier, so I am picturing going boozing, or at least playing lots of board games.  But out of the blue, big K suggests we go visit little-stolen-name of last week's fame!

So here is the thing - I have like zero interest in seeing little-stolen-name.  I mean, I used to be all over going to visit little babies, but I'm just not that interested any more.  It is like I am turning off that tap.

I'm not upset or resentful (I think?) - I am just not interested.  I've sort of shifted from being super upset about babies, to wanting to enjoy the time before DH and I have our baby - God willing.  It is either that or mope around - and I've done my fair share of that.

When I hear new parents say "Oh, Wow, I wish we could go out to a movie like you guys!" (this happened several times on Saturday), I want to roll my eyes and say we'd gladly switch places - but then I also think - maybe we should enjoy this time before we get our bundle of joy?

I'm also slightly worried the tap won't turn back on - what if I stay disinterested?  Augh!

[Oh, the good news this week is that Dr. Tanya thinks my tongue is looking good.  She thinks the updated herb formula for this month is working!]

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  1. Your tongue is looking good! that is fantastic..i'm still waiting for my doc to tell me that! Yeah, i hear ya...i'm not too "excited" to go around baby stores etc...hard hard..

    That is what we are doing..enjoying this time before hopefully we become parents..I'm wishing a "Im gonna be a parent New year gift for 2011"!


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