Saturday, December 11, 2010

Welcome to IF me!

Welcome to my new IF blog.   Here I hope to blog my struggles that we're having with fertility.  I debated whether or not to start a blog, and finally decided - YES.  There are just days when I want to be able to tell people who understand - "I'm having SUCH a bad day".  The tricky part is that most people in your regular life just don't quite get it, unless you are trying so hard to have a child and you can't, the pain doesn't resonate.  This is completely understandable, everyone is at different points in their lives and everyone has different challenges, but this is where we are.

Oh.  And I tell very very few people in the 'real world' what is going on, so how could they help?  When asked when we're finally going to have a baby, I usually casually say "Oh, you know, maybe next year." and wave vaguely.  Also  I sometimes mumble something about renovations.  Total lies, we'd be ecstatic to have a baby any time one wanders our way.

I also hate the term "Infertility", so I much prefer to shorten it to IF.  I prefer to speak in terms of "fertility" instead of that other word.  And I like the possibilities that "IF" implies - "if I only eat x and do y, we'll be parents soon!".  Surprisingly, I also like the term "barren", since it is so old it sort of makes me giggle.  It brings to mind windswept deserts and the like.  But I don't think I'm barren, or if I am this has yet to be revealed.

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