Thursday, December 16, 2010

"I don't like those night sweats!"

Dr Tanya (my TCM/Acupuncturist) isn't liking the fact that about three times a month I am still having night sweats.  Hopefully this month's herbs will help with that!  :)

Anyone else having night sweats now and then?  I think I will do a little more research on this if I have time today.

Re: Oysters
We were planning on eating them raw, with a little horseradish and lemon.  I know, no raw foods, right?  But I don't actually like cooked oysters.  And Dr Tanya said it is ok to cheat now and then on the hot/cold food thing.
We were planning on buying them at Sobey's (be forewarned - they come only in a box of 30, so you are REALLY going to be eating oysters!), but you can also buy them at Loblaw's one at a time.  It is more expensive to buy them one at a time, but then you're not stuck with 30 oysters at once.  Also many fish mongers carry them!  Oh, and you'll need an oyster shucking knife, and perhaps to watch a utube vid on how to shuck oysters?
Or you can buy them in the can, if you're not ready to shuck yet!  (My DH is good at shucking, so this task will fall to him on Friday, our re-planned OysterFest night.).  Sobey's only had some really old oysters left on Tues, so we're going back Friday to buy some fresher ones.


  1. Night sweats ..hmm i don't experience them at all. I was when i was doing the IUI treatments due to the clomid i was taking. Wow yeah that is alot of oysters..but hey oyster fest together on a friday night ..what could be better!

  2. mmmmmm I love oysters tooo, so yummy, that would be worth cheating for for sure!!! I hope she can solve the night sweats thing, does she know where they are coming from?

  3. Well, night sweats are a yin deficiency (estrogen), so she adjusted my herbs for this month. I also have read up on some non Chinese herbs that can help, I will talk to her next week about them.


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