Saturday, April 9, 2011

IF in the family

We're still in Taiwan!  [Update: We're actually in HK now - home tomorrow!] We spent a few days in Kenting, a couple of days in Taitung, then to Hualien for the wedding of DH's cousin - the whole reason for the trip in the first place.

The wedding banquet was fun - we were at the English table.  Which I loved.  Yay for the groom's American cousins who speak English!  (I'm getting a bit Chinese'd out)

Last night DH was out with the gang at the night market in Hualien, to get some barbequed chicken butt to eat.  I begged off, since I was not feeling super well (something disagreed with me?) and I was tired, and no way I was eating chicken butt.  I have my limits.  ;)

DH had already prepped me - get ready for a preggo announcement from his cousin.  She's about thirty, and her and her DH have been dating for many years, and she wants kids... so he wanted me to get ready to hear an annoucement in the upcoming months.

But then when he came home from the night market, he told me she asked if I was pg since I was feeling sick.  He told her no, and when they were alone he told her about our IF (which I am totally fine with, they are very close cousins).  But then it turns out she's IF too!  I am so shocked.  Poor girl - she is really really sweet and nice, and of course would make a great mum.  :(  I guess they have been tring about 6 months (in the States you can go to the doc earlier than in Canada) - they wanted a baby so much they were willing to have one before the wedding.  But both of her tubes are blocked - she's going to have IVF.  We were just talking about it today, she's going to come back to Taiwan for IVF, it is much cheaper here. (About a third the price, it seems, even with the flight cost.)

DH is really bummed.  He wants his Grandma to be a Great-Grandma - she's about 92, so... best if a great-grand baby comes soon, I am thinking.  More fun that way.  So we're in a race.  :)  That's sort of fun.  And I will be happy for them if they catch first.  It would be SO great if we both catch at the same time - my kids arn't likely to have cousins (I have one step-sister that isn't maternal at all, he has one barren sister and one maiden much older sister), so it would be great if they had second cousins of the same age from this couple!  They live in New Jersey - close enough to visit at least a couple times a year.  :)

So that is my IF news.  It feels so neat to just be able to talk about it so openly.  I think maybe I will ask DH
if we should gift them "Making Babies" - she really hadn't thought about doing acupuncture during IVF.
DH's cousin will actually be quitting when she goes back to the States.  The stress of working certainly won't help IVF success, and her DH's family has enough money that she doesn't need to work, so her DH asked her to quit.  Jealous!  :)  Then she can also spend some time back here in Taiwan with her family.

I am really really really not looking forward to going back to work, after three weeks away.  Oh man. 
During our massage yesterday (70 min full body acupressure!  Fun!), I was thinking at some point I should buck up and seriously think about quitting.  I think when I get home I will research potential other careers.  One of the problems with quitting now with no babies, is that - well, what would I do with myself all day?  And the sad fact that DH's salary is just a wee bit too little to run the household with - we need a topper.  Currently my salary is quite a bit more than his, so we're gravy, but if I suddently quit, things won't be as smooth financially.  But if I have a new career, even with a couple years off to study we'll be ok... even though they one I am thinking of won't be as financially rewarding.  That's ok, we only need a little money extra, not a lot.

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  1. I'm glad that your dh was able to talk to his cousin about your IF, but how sad for your cousin's wife!

    I think all the time about quitting or teaching part-time, but I have no idea how I could justify it. We could live on Mr. JB's salary in our current home, but we would have no extras (and no more yoga for me!). I wish that your current job wasn't so stressful for you!


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